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Here's the Secret to More Business or a Better Job with LinkedIn® in Just a Few Minutes a Day from Home!

Have you ever wanted an easy way to connect with your perfect business prospects? Or even potential employers that want to hire you?

Without having to hear about their cat or their latest doctor visit (like you do on Facebook)!

Then you're going to want to pay VERY close attention to this presentation.


Hi, my name is Julie Hood, and I'm a corporate trainer in online marketing.

If you have ever felt like you just don't have time to deal with social media, I can relate because every one of my clients mentions how busy they are - and they just need this to be easy!


Best-Kept Secrets and Back Doors Are Revealed

Before I discovered some of the best kept secrets on exactly how to connect with LinkedIn, I always wanted to know how the successful people used it - and what for.

I suspected there were some hidden tricks (there are!) and little-known back doors (I'll show you where!) that could make LinkedIn so powerful.

I had this feeling that with the right training and steps, LinkedIn could be quick and easy to set up CORRECTLY - and it would get me the results I wanted!

What were they?

  • To connect with and engage the business owners who needed and wanted my services
  • To easily keep my business top of mind for certain key topics
  • To use LinkedIn to get me not just prospects - but buyers!

The Business Social Network
You Must Participate In

Did you know that there are 347 million users of LinkedIn (and 40% of them check LinkedIn every day)?

LinkedIn is known as the social network for business - because it's members aren't there to socialize. LinkedIn is used to connect and share with other people in business - and in fact, the average income for a LinkedIn user is $89,000 (and it's only $59,000 for Twitter and $61,000 for Facebook).

That's definitely a group I want to reach. Don't you?

In a few minutes, I'm going to reveal the exact system my corporate clients paid $20K to learn from me. You're going to discover why most people use LinkedIn wrong (as just a glorified online resume) and be one of the super-savvy users who understand the power of Linked to reach the prospects, customers and potential employers they want.

This information is current as of TODAY. I can't promise it will be around forever because keeping this training up-to-date is time-consuming and expensive for me and my team.

Connect With Your Perfect Clients and Customers - Over and Over

You can use this system to connect with that $10K client (or like me - get a project offer of $65K - primarily because of the secret research I did on LinkedIn).

You see, you could be throwing away thousands of dollars in new client work - or thousands of dollars in that new job if you don't fix your reputation and profile on LinkedIn.

I want to introduce you to "Success with LinkedIn," a five-part training course all about the secrets to using LinkedIn for more business.


You see my corporate clients all knew they needed to capitalize on LinkedIn - and they had no idea how. I wanted to help by creating this quick and easy course to make it simple for them.


With "Success with LI" you can master LinkedIn - and truly use the power of this platform.


"Success with LI" comes packed with great features like:

checkmark How to create a profile that attracts your perfect clients and customers to you.

checkmark How to use the secret LinkedIn feature that lets you use your current clients to find new ones

checkmark What you should be doing every week on LinkedIn

checkmark The one biggest mistake you can make on LinkedIn

checkmark How I used this one section of LinkedIn - that took me 15 minutes - to send me website visitors even years later!


"Success with LI" will make your life easier by:

checkmark Eliminating your headaches around using this social media platform

checkmark Attract your perfect customer and client (and know exactly how to find them!)

checkmark Grab the user manual and work through the lessons... or if you prefer, join us live as I walk you through the lessons one-by-one. (Yes, the live training will be recorded if you can't make it).

checkmark Use this one really important secret to make sure you don't ANNOY all your connections.

Course Structure

The course consists of 5 Modules plus all the Bonuses.

checkmark Module 1 - Quick Start Guide
Watch the videos in this module to get the key secrets quickly. No need to watch all the videos before you can get a jump start.

checkmark Module 2 - Profile and Privacy
This module explains how to have a profile that rocks - and attracts the exact type of visitor you are looking for. We also talk about little known privacy setting that EVERY LinkedIn user should know.

checkmark Module 3 - Prospect
In Module 3, you'll learn my secrets for prospecting for new business and new clients. We'll talk about a new LinkedIn feature to help you stay engaged with your connections. And this module is so big, it is broken into two parts.

checkmark Module 4 - Publish
Module 4 explains the four different ways you can publish on LinkedIn - if you're not using all of them, you are missing out on the true power of LinkedIn to spread your message.

checkmark Module 5 - Q&A on June 16
In Module 5, you'll get to submit your most burning questions about LinkedIn and I will answer them in a private, members-only training session (don't worry, I'll record it if you can't make it). I even have a big surprise for one lucky attendee.

checkmark Bonus Material
Finally, you'll receive a long list of bonus materials, including profile templates to make updating your profile super quick and easy.


With all of these materials arranged in easy-to-access modules, you will be a LinkedIn superstar in no time.


Get a Personal Review of Your Profile

You can even get a personal review of your profile by me - I'll walk through your profile step-by-step and tell you where to make changes. I'll record your review and you can watch it again and again.


Using these same techniques, in just a few days, I got an offer for a $65K project. I also had two different clients contact ME to help with their projects (I'll show you exactly how I configured my profile to make this happen).

I also spent fifteen minutes to share some information - and now that information sends me website traffic that is targeted to exactly what I do. 

Here's what several of my clients had to say -

"A presentation she gave ...helped to turn me into a successful marketer. "

Julie inspires, motivates, and teaches. A presentation she gave a few years ago helped to turn me into a successful marketer. When she spoke to one of my classes, she was an instant hit, but; more than that, she provided practical advice my students could begin using immediately. She is a consummate professional.

~ Bobbi Linkemer


"She has a passion for her craft; she communicates well."

John-BubenikHere's what impresses me most about Julie: she's knowledgeable without being pretentious; she's generous; she has a passion for her craft; she communicates well. I was a bit apprehensive about paying for the type of service she offers, but my concerns have been allayed after our initial meeting. I recommend that others explore the options she offers.

~ John Bubenik


"Thank You Julie!"

Dawn-FergusonPeople buy because they know you. We've all heard this yet Julie opens your eyes to the way others see you and your website. Her presentation for eWomen Network was outstanding on how your website should function as an extension of the above. Then she took it that one step further to tell you how to accomplish this. Thank you, Julie!

~ Dawn Ferguson



And here are some more anonymous thoughts from the participants surveyed after completing the "Success with LI" course -

"Very effective, I was impressed with the thoroughness of detail presented."


"Very informative & helpful in reviewing profile settings & guidelines."


"Very clear and thorough."


"Made the material interesting."


"Did a great job explaining the importance of a professional LinkedIn page & how to create one."


"Taught me a lot about
the privacy settings."


"This program was everything I thought it was going to be and more."




I often get asked, will "Success with LI" work for me?

In reality, nearly everyone could use LinkedIn better - and this is the easiest way to make it happen.


Unlimited 60 Day Guarantee

YES! I want these exact strategies
to boost my business with LinkedIn.

  • I understand I will have access to the cutting-edge secrets to using LinkedIn
  • The price of "Success with LI" is just $197 for the Do-It-All-Myself version and $297 to get your personal profile review.
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 60 days

Click one of the Order Now buttons below
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I prefer to walk through the material myself - and I don't need a review of my profile. 

    • Five video modules with manuals
    • Checklists and templates
    • Lifetime access to training
    • 60 day "money-back" guarantee


"Review My Profile"

I want a personal review of my profile - recorded just for me PLUS the manuals and the course.

  • Five video modules with manuals
  • Checklists and templates
  • Lifetime access to training
  • 60 day "money-back" guarantee


Bonuses Just for You

We've also added some great bonuses like:

  1. A Quick Start Guide to get you moving today
  2. Three different Profile Templates so you know where to start and to make it easy to fill in your own profile
  3. Profile Checklist to make sure you have completely updated your profile.
  4. Your Weekly Action Guide so you know what to do each week to build your LinkedIn reputation

Only a Limited Number of Spots

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of spots available - my screen sharing software will only allow 200 students at a time so I'll have to close this offer when we get that many students.


Imagine knowing you had the chance to increase your income - and you don't take it. An opportunity like this only comes along once in awhile.

Change Your Business

If you want to change your business - or your job - and need to know exactly how to do it, the time to take action is NOW.

  • Remember, LinkedIn is a powerful platform and most people use it wrong
  • "Success with LI" will give you the little-known secrets to building your connections the right way
  • You'll get all the details to creating the perfect profile and getting in front of your perfect clients.

Let's get started today building your LinkedIn profile and reputation!


Julie Hood



PS - Join me today and make sure you are using LinkedIn to its fullest... configure your perfect profile and use the LinkedIn features to find and attract your perfect clients! 

I can't wait to work with you!

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